rise and root



The Flame Haired Solstice Dreamer

Cold winter brings the Everfrost and jewels every tree
In a forest new as birth and old as old can be
A flame~haired dreamer wanders there and shelters from the wind
And spins her dreams around the trees to break the ties that bind
She takes her thread and spins anew and how the Greenwood smiles
As she spins a spell for freedom and for her spirit Wylde

The dreamer finds an ancient oak and shelters in his lee
In a forest new as birth and old as old can be
Tis summer now and birdsong weaves its magick through her spells
And humming bees drum drowsily in the foxglove's bells
The dreamer sits beneath the oak with yarn upon her knee
And spins and knits and weaves her dreams and sets her spirit free

"When birds fall from the sky and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people...shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. they will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow"

Hopi Prophecy

~my week in photos~

its been a busy week with me playing catch up with my studies~i was so worried about being behind i was sitting here at 5.30 this morning frantically scribbling away as i could not sleep. i ended up going back to bed about 7am, waking up at 9 to head straight to my desk without even getting out of my pyjams...
by 10 am i was going over one of my course study guides and suddenly realized i had actually caught up~i am now on track with both courses...i must have been working a lot harder than i thought.
still the relief that i can slow down a little and not panic quite so much is wonderful!
of course during the week my mind did wander and i found myself taking random photos just to pass the moments when i stopped to have a cup of tea...

the wallpaper on my lap top is a still from 'Master and Commander'~well a girl is allowed to appreciate the good things in life~ I seem to have something for men in period costume.......

i took this one this morning about 10am from my desk...the moon still showing her face in the blue sky. this morning we had our first, and quite heavy, frost...

taken from my back door a few nights before full

my work space...

my workspace again after i arranged myself a small shirne to ponder on during my breaks...two cards and my little stoneware bowl~filled at the moment with conkers, acorns, a small apple from my tree in Dorset and oak leaves~out of shot i have a small jar with some rosemary sprigs taken from my plant in the garden, the lovely miss*r reminded me that its good for concentration and memory!

well time to stop for now~its friday night and to celebrate my amazing catch up i decided not to cook to having chinese take out food, i have an urge for some noodles!

*take care all of you*oxoxoxoxo*


enchantedartist said...

Thanks for sharing this little corner of your world...:)

Enjoy you weekend...and your noodles...


miss*R said...

not meeting you next year is one of the hardest things connected to my decision not to travel to the UK.. but we can meet in spirit when we journey...and it is not a final decision - it just did not feel right for next year.
Now I am of to catch up on your blog - I have been away for a long time xo
I cherish our friendship so much xoox

Ruth said...

Haven't visited for ages - what are you studying?

All things share the same breath~the beast, the tree, the man, the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports.

Chief Seattle

Johney Gaul~1915

Johney Gaul~1915
1890-17 september 1918~France