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The Flame Haired Solstice Dreamer

Cold winter brings the Everfrost and jewels every tree
In a forest new as birth and old as old can be
A flame~haired dreamer wanders there and shelters from the wind
And spins her dreams around the trees to break the ties that bind
She takes her thread and spins anew and how the Greenwood smiles
As she spins a spell for freedom and for her spirit Wylde

The dreamer finds an ancient oak and shelters in his lee
In a forest new as birth and old as old can be
Tis summer now and birdsong weaves its magick through her spells
And humming bees drum drowsily in the foxglove's bells
The dreamer sits beneath the oak with yarn upon her knee
And spins and knits and weaves her dreams and sets her spirit free

"When birds fall from the sky and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people...shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. they will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow"

Hopi Prophecy

~happy again~

i am glad to say i woke up this morning to an other hard frost and a much better mood. thank you for your messages!

my chores were done enabling me to visit all of your blogs at last and as usual it was like an adventure~peeking into your lives and countries from my little new forest home.

today is shopping day, the one day a week (on a usual week) where we fire up pippin and journey out to get in our supplies for the coming week. as usual we are off to our little farm shop and then, as i need some cards, which i particularly want at our local hospice shop, we are going into lymington , which is 5 miles away...if you go to the site and click on the 'history in maps and photographs' you will see some lovely old photos of the surrounding area as well as a section on my village brockenhurst~looking at the photos gave me quite an odd feeling as many of the scenes from the early 1900's still have the same buildings standing today~and the level crossing, a two minute walk behind my home, remains the same except for the tiny building right in the middle of the shot!
*i hope you all have a good day wherever you are*

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All things share the same breath~the beast, the tree, the man, the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports.

Chief Seattle

Johney Gaul~1915

Johney Gaul~1915
1890-17 september 1918~France