rise and root



The Flame Haired Solstice Dreamer

Cold winter brings the Everfrost and jewels every tree
In a forest new as birth and old as old can be
A flame~haired dreamer wanders there and shelters from the wind
And spins her dreams around the trees to break the ties that bind
She takes her thread and spins anew and how the Greenwood smiles
As she spins a spell for freedom and for her spirit Wylde

The dreamer finds an ancient oak and shelters in his lee
In a forest new as birth and old as old can be
Tis summer now and birdsong weaves its magick through her spells
And humming bees drum drowsily in the foxglove's bells
The dreamer sits beneath the oak with yarn upon her knee
And spins and knits and weaves her dreams and sets her spirit free

"When birds fall from the sky and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people...shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. they will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow"

Hopi Prophecy

~of making time~

another drift of days go by without my blogging or visiting blogs
my trouble is i neglect my studies and then go crazy trying to catch up


i have decided its time to re-arrange my days in an attempt to squeeze in all i need to do along with everything i would like to do

of course my main priority is my studies, so this morning, once i had caught up with my reading and found myself back on track i decided the best way to get all the reading and note taking i need to do each week done is to split my reading into chunks with the help of small post-it's dividing the pages into four days worth of study~approximately four days of 3-4 hours work to be done in the morning...so far so good!

that leaves me with guilt-free time for our garden~which swampy started to dig over last week and even reached the point of marking out curving flower beds and sowing grass seed on saturday...some to turn into grass and some for any birds who may need some. then of course we have our allotment, we have two beds dug but need to get the rest done as i have peas, beans and peppers that will soon need a better home...also we want to finish our floor laying and decorating.

i needed more creative activities; i have a large cross stitch that i started years ago and work on when the urge takes me~for some reason i have to be in the right mood to do it and months can go by without me touching it, but recently i have had a strong urge to do a bit more...plus there is my knitting and curtains and cushion covers to make for our forever home, to say nothing of books to read and cakes to bake! i have also had an inkling to get my art pad and water color pencils out and create on paper~i keep getting ideas and images in my head that i really want to get down on paper.

so please send me some encouraging thoughts for keeping to my self-imposed timetable :)

one good thing is that over the weekend, with the prospect of my mum and sister coming for dinner, i have been giving our little home a good clean and tidy, still struggling to find homes for bits and pieces from when we moved in and moving the things that swampy 'accumulates' on windowsills and in the kitchen! in the absence of bedside tables i am using an old kitchen chair and an old school stool covered with vintage floral fabric which i think looks quite interesting, so have decided to paint both as they both look a bit too distressed and keep them in the bedroom.

i am hoping that in another couple of months things will be much more settled and can then look forwards to a few trips away in pippin~Wales is still beckoning!


Pixiedust said...

Hi SD, With you there on the too much to do front. I have some many creative ideas in my head there isn't room it needs an extension. Also loads of baking I want to do, and I really need to make a batch of lemon curd. Been without for far too long. Good luck with the garden. Hugs Pixie. xxx

miss*R said...

I just emailed you.. I was wondering how you are.. as you hadn't posted in awhile.. I cannot wait to see photos of your allotment.. your 'bedside' tables sound fantastic.. your creative self sounds like it is rearing to get out! enjoy your forever home (love it!) xoxo

Rowan said...

I think you are like me - you need 48 hour days rather than 24 hour ones:) Life is so full of interesting things to see and do not to mention all the must-do day to day stuff - I've never been able to fathom people who say 'I'm bored - there's nothing to do' !!

Granny Sue said...

Hi dreamer,

I struggle with the same things. My fulltime job is such an inconvenience! I would far rather be here, writing, working in the gardens, storytelling and working on stories, cooking, reading, taking care of my home, messing around with the grandkids. But money has to come from somewhere, so there we are.

It's a challenge for all of us, I suppose. We sleep too little so we can get more done. I like your plan about how to structure your study time to leave room for your life.

And I love the chairs! that is neat. Just because they were made to be chairs does not mean they have to be chairs forever.

All things share the same breath~the beast, the tree, the man, the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports.

Chief Seattle

Johney Gaul~1915

Johney Gaul~1915
1890-17 september 1918~France