rise and root



The Flame Haired Solstice Dreamer

Cold winter brings the Everfrost and jewels every tree
In a forest new as birth and old as old can be
A flame~haired dreamer wanders there and shelters from the wind
And spins her dreams around the trees to break the ties that bind
She takes her thread and spins anew and how the Greenwood smiles
As she spins a spell for freedom and for her spirit Wylde

The dreamer finds an ancient oak and shelters in his lee
In a forest new as birth and old as old can be
Tis summer now and birdsong weaves its magick through her spells
And humming bees drum drowsily in the foxglove's bells
The dreamer sits beneath the oak with yarn upon her knee
And spins and knits and weaves her dreams and sets her spirit free

"When birds fall from the sky and the animals are dying, a new tribe of people...shall come unto the earth from many colors, classes, creeds, who by their actions and deeds shall make the earth green again. they will be known as the warriors of the Rainbow"

Hopi Prophecy

*weeks later*

so here i am again

its now june and lock down here in England is easing.

i say that with raised eyebrows because, personally, i think this government has made a right old shambles of the pandemic from the beginning and people seem to think the virus has magically disappeared and life goes on as normal.

i am not even going to go over the whole Cummings debacle

 i dare not get onto the subject of the visitors to the forest and the utter damage and disrespect they are causing-if i do my head may well explode  

so instead i shall update you on my small life...and then talk blogging

well now i have a new housemate :)

say hi to Cookie

Cookie came from a rescue in the midlands.
he is five and his 'owners' moved home and left him behind with a bad eye and two shattered teeth :(
he has been with me now for nearly a month and i have never seen such a scared and timid cat before. its been breaking our hearts because it has become obvious to us that he has been ill treated, he is scared of hands and feet and runs and hides at sudden movement. 
i am glad to say with very gentle treatment, lots of love and the help of Felliway he has settled well. he is still nervous but will come when called and will follow me into the bathroom. he now will tolerate being stroked-only for a few seconds which is better that when he first moved in. he still nips but again, that is getting less and he understand the 'no bite'.

my next news is that i have sent my dear 2CV Babette to a new and loving home and in her place is a fairly new Fiat 500

isn't it splendid?! 
as yet it has no name, but i am sure one will come to me soon.



mel said...

So glad to hear that Cookie is coming around...poor wee soul...people can be so horrid and cats have very good memories.

Lovely little car! Buffy (my truck) just conked out and after an eye-watering estimate from the mechanic we've decided to let her go....a sad day, I loved that truck. Funny how we get sentimental over these things, isn't it! :)

hope all's well in your patch...I've given up the socials for the foreseeable so it's good to know you're still blogging so I can keep up. xo

Moonroot said...

Oh I just want to hug Cookie! I'm so sad to hear about the cruel treatment he received at the hands of his previous owners, but so glad to hear that he is with you now, where I know he will have a wonderful life and be card for as he deserves.

With you 100% on the way this Government has responded to the pandemic. I can't believe there is not more outrage!

And congratulations on the new car! May it carry you for many miles in joy and safety.

laoi gaul~williams said...

Hi Mel and Moonroot! So glad to see you both here. I am intending to do my old school blogging at least one a week, more if i have things to air!

All things share the same breath~the beast, the tree, the man, the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports.

Chief Seattle

Johney Gaul~1915

Johney Gaul~1915
1890-17 september 1918~France